How SZND GOODS began

The Beginning of SZND GOODS

SZND GOODS started as a brand from my desire to incorporate more natural and better for you products in my home.

As someone who was always burning a candle during the 2020 pandemic and prior, I found myself leaving candles on for 6-8 hours at a time every day. After doing that for a while I started to realize that I was getting A LOT of headaches while working from home. I did a bunch of research on why I was starting to get headaches and migraines so much when I was honestly a very healthy person otherwise.

I found articles that talked about tea tree oil diffusers should help with that, icing your head, blue light glasses, and everything else in between. These were all helpful suggestions however, I wanted to figure out why I was getting headaches in the first place. I realized one day I had lit a Bath & Body Works candle that a friend had given me for completing my home remodel. I started to get a headache shortly after lighting the candle, ended up putting it out and my headache went away. When I tell you my jaw dropped to the floor and it took me a sec to pick it back up, I mean it. I was shook. One little habit I’ve been doing for the 5 years I had been living in my home and it is what has caused me all of this pain and losing hours of my life because I couldn’t function from the headaches and migraines.

Figuring out this one small change I needed to make in my daily habits made me want to take a deeper dive into other products that could be causing the same reaction or others I didn’t realize. I’ll create a separate blog post about this in particular but you’d be astonished at the things I found.

Since most of us were confined to our homes I also began to think of other ways to create another stream of income, like many other people were doing that this time. After doing a lot of research on products that i could sell I had definitely decided that I wanted to make a physical product. I wanted to be able to say “I made that.”

Candles came to mind. I had made them previously when I lived on the east coast and sold them at craft fairs, but I hadn’t made them in years. I figured, since I’ve already made candles before, I love candles, I know how to not make them from all the research I’ve done on what was causing my migraines… I’m gonna start a candle business.

Along comes SZND GOODS. A clean burning, phthalate free, vegan, and paraffin free candle that you can feel good about burning in your home. Not only did we want clean ingredients we also wanted to bring in a bit more of a homey feeling by using wooden wicks for our candles.

xo Ashley

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