The Signature Wooden Wick Candle Collection

The birth of the SZND GOODS candle brand started with what I called the Signature Collection. The Signature collection in my opinion consisted of scents that would be perfect for all szns of the year and all szns of life. It included staple scents like a vanilla cashmere, coconut ginger musk, and amber goji berry.

We wanted the Signature Collection to have an array of scents that would satisfy any customer. There is a sweet scent, a spicy fragrance, a soothing fragrance and a bright fragrance. One wooden wick candle for every person, for every szn.

We also wanted to give our customers an option of the size of wooden wick candle they could purchase. We decided that we would offer 3 candle sizes. A 12 ounce, a 5 ounce and a 2 ounce wooden wick candle.

Vanilla Cashmere is a solid go to candle scent that everyone can get away with. It’s smooth, warm and cozy for an everyday scent.

Amber Goji Berry a scent that kind of surprises you. It’s got the spice that makes it slightly masculine but also has goji berry that helps to brighten up the notes of this wooden wick candle.

Coconut Ginger Musk gives you a sexy tropical scent that’s perfect for spring and summer vibes. This candle is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom refresh.

Maple Chai and Sweet Cream is easily our best selling wooden wick candle. We’re so happy we added this as part of our Signature Collection because it sells out day in and day out. If you ever wondered if there was a candle that says “snuggle me up with a big blanket on the couch, put a cup of coffee in my hand, put the blinds up to watch the snow fall and marinate watching a Harry Potter marathon” THIS would be the candle.

Musky Verde Citrine has become a crowd favorite after our maple fragrance because it smells like a boujee AF hotel that you can literally have in your home. It’s fresh and earthy, which is weird to say in the same sentence! Haha. But, the driftwood and musk gives you that earthy manly feel but the aloe and crisp greens brighten all of that right up! Literally the perfect hotel spa scent.

xo Ashley

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