Est. 2021


I love the process of cutting, putting things together, creating everything from start to finish with my own two hands. As a design student, and now as an adult I still have the same feelings about making things by hand and adding your own DIY twist to projects.

Interior Design

I later took my ideas and concepts to the interior design world by remodeling my home. Being a part of every single step in this remodel was so rewarding. From cutting tile, to laying grout, to staining wood. When you finally get to make your house a home, that's when you turn dreams into reality, and the dreams don't stop there. At least they didn't for me!

The Idea


I previously made candles for craft fairs and I really enjoyed the whole process. I've been itching to start another business and I thought that candles would be the perfect avenue, and eventually move into home goods & apparel.

the products


Creating a line of candles that are vegan, as many eco-friendly pieces such as tape, paper, packaging, & all of the modern touches you look for in accentuating your home were the top elements I desired in creating these coconut soy wax blended candles.



We are constantly being tested by every day to do better, be better, to want more. Some years we have multiple SZNs because of relationships beginning or ending, old jobs & new jobs, anything really. It’s a transition of a new you; a SZND you. 

Memories & emotions are directly connected to scent. At SZND we want all szns of your life to be a time to blossom, to learn, to reflect, to hold that space and then let it go.