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the unisex collection

Feminine and masculine flavors that play back and forth with each other. A little of both but not one scent more than the other. The candles in our unisex collection will have your home dancing in berries, amber woods, and sweet vanilla musk.

Blackberry Saffron Bungalow is spicy and sweet. Toasted Coconut Bean is a subtle hint of coconut with warm bergamot notes.

Amber Sugar Plum is sugar, spice and everything worth of a spot on your kitchen counter to ignite your whole home.

Dahlia Sandalwood Sundance is a flowering blossom candle in a sandalwood meadow.

White Tobacco Bean is a great mid-level between masculine & feminine. Its a soothing wooden wick fragrance that will work for most people.

Rustic Cardamom Cream is best described as a creamy, velvety smooth candle. It will not disappoint.