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the men's collection

When you think of a men's collection, you think of something daring, rugged, just manly. All of these scents embody all of those things and more. The arboreous nature of these scents will take you on a hike through the woods of West Virginia or lush forrest of Oregon.

Driftwood + Juniper will be your favorite, just like it is mine. A good cologne like scent that mimics the boldness of Gucci & Mont Blanc.

Cedar + Myrrh will be the candle you light to get sh*t done but also feel good about. It's bright but grounding, the perfect combo.

Pink Pepper + Vetiver has the aroma of citrus, amber and sandalwood. It'll freshen your home up, while keeping it cosy.

Bourbon Woods is the perfect cologne fragrance, if you will, for a sexy, Prada or YSL feel. This scent radiates through your home with its white vetiver, patouchi and amber notes.